BigBelly Solution:

  • Reduce collection frequency 
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reallocate your people resources to more impactful projects to the public eye 
  • Optimize routes based on fullness
  • Realize 70-80% reduction in operating costs
  • Save on fuel and reduce emissions
  • Bring recycling to your public space
  • Reduce waste disposal costs (tipping fees)
  • Reduce litter & trash related problems  
  • Beautify your space
  • Keep waste contained (total containment) 
  • Reduce windblown litter
  • Reduce litter overflows (keep area clean and green)
  • Keep pests and animals at bay 
  • Get collection trucks off the road
  • Reduce traffic congestion and noise
  • Communicate to the public without additional infrastructure 

Bigbelly is the world leader in smart waste and recycling systems. Our smart, cloud-connected system beautifies public spaces and streamlines operations. The cloud connection provides real-time actionable data and system diagnostics to ensure maximized operational efficiency, as well as historical reporting. Thousands of cities, towns, colleges, corporate campuses, and healthcare facilities in over 45 countries around the globe leverage the Bigbelly system to change their space. 

Solar Powered Trash Compactors



​​Kathy Wright - Adrite
Authorized Agent for BigBelly Solar, Inc

 The CLEAN Management Console is the centerpiece of the Bigbelly system. This easy to use webbased dashboard provides immediate access to actionable station status including operational status, fullness levels, collection frequency, and fleet status as it relates to any specific system that need to be addressed to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Using the CLEAN Management Console & CLEAN Mobile App:

Monitor your fleet (fullness levels, collection frequency, alerts, collection response time, etc.)

Analyze & Report your current fleet status and historical trends (collection summary, collection efficiency, daily collection activity, frequency to reach capacity, collection response time, heat maps, etc.)

Optimize & Act on your waste and recycling station deployment and collection routine (routes, collection frequency, station location, station configuration, etc.) Mobilize your operations with CLEAN Mobile featuring just-in-time station status.

Manage your fleet and collection team (station inventory, user profiles, notifications, groups, security, collection routine) 

Bigbelly & Smartbelly Stations

          • Automatic Compaction - Increased capacity (Bigbelly)

          • Solar powered, self-powered

          • Smart, cloud-connected

          • GPS Enabled

          • Enclosed design

          • Street tough & durable in all weather conditions and seasons

          • Modular to allow multi-stream: waste, recycling, and organic options 

With systems deployed in every state and more than 47 countries worldwide, Bigbelly continues bringing it’s smart waste and recycling systems to every corner of the world.

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