Cleaner  and  Neater

BigBelly’s enclosed design keeps the trash in and the animals and insects out.  No more raccoons or birds turning your trash into litter you have to pick up.  And say farewell to the bees in the barrel. 

BigBellys eliminate overflows, control the odors, stop wind-blown litter problems, and keeps rain water out of the container.

BigBellys create more attractive and more sanitary areas, and generate fewer complaints.


BigBelly + SmartBelly Kiosk Systems collect recycling from the underutilized pedestrian trash segment, increasing diversion rates. 

Made in the USA with over 90% recycled materials,  BigBellys with SmartBellys  are truly THE sustainable  recycling solution that will pay for itself.  Sustainable recycling that actually works.


The BigBelly + SmartBelly solar powered  solutions are terrific image builders, they stay right out front, providing positive publicity and effective educational opportunities. 


Vinyl Wraps provide for almost unlimited  graphic and content options. Easy to make BigBellys stand out or blend right in.   Exceptional venue for education, sponsorships, public / private  messaging,  or  PR campaigns. Let the imaginations loose.

Configured to Meet

Your Requirements

BigBelly Kiosks Systems are configured from individual units.  The most common have 2 or 3 units. Your BigBelly System will be tailored to meet your exact requirements.  

Free Collection Studies revel the opportunities,  ensuring a successful project launch.

Specific CLEAN reports go to those individuals that need them. 

BigBelly solutions are initially spec'd for your current needs  and easy to rearrange to suit your future.

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Solar Powered Trash Compactor

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With thousands of Big Bellys already in productive operation, BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactors with the proprietary CLEAN wireless technology are proven to be the most profitable, sustainable, sensible solution for your wasteful pedestrian trash, litter, and recycling operations, and the only smart collection technology in existence. There is really only one good choice.


BigBelly Solar Trash Compactors perform on site compaction of trash,  reducing the need for collections.   Allows users to reduce their trash removal efforts by over 80%,  

producing savings of:      Fuel   -   Labor   -   Bags to landfill   -  - CO2 from fuel use  -  Vehicle operations expenses - 

If You Can’t Measure,  You Can’t Manage 

The wireless CLEAN technology sends each BigBelly’s specific status to the proprietary web app and your email.   Remotely monitor and maximize your labor and vehicle resources using the alerts, maps and charts.  

Make your decisions based on actual facts.  Stop wasting time and money empting trash containers that are not full.   Know exactly how to schedule your workers.  

Monitor for compliance and conformance. Use the historical data to plan your future budgets.   Make your decisions based on actual facts.

You manage your trash instead

of it managing you.

BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactors with CLEAN wireless technology provide the most profitable, sustainable, and innovative solution to your traditional,  inefficient pedestrian trash, litter, and recycling operations, by using the only smart collection technology in existence.